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Welcome to the Bitcoin Method Official Website. Here, you will meet a whole community of like-minded people who have succeeded in their cryptocurrency journey and willingly share their experiences. Feel free to read some of their reviews.

Bitcoin Method Reviews

Luan B.
Joined on: 01/01/2021

Easy choice

"I couldn't find a suitable automated algorithm for a long time. I have been working with Bitcoin Method for several months now and I am delighted with the proposed strategies and decent earnings. It is not difficult to withdraw money here. The interface is as convenient as possible."
Jaromír Š.
Joined on: 02/01/2021

Reccomend Bitcoin Method

"I have been working with this platform for several months now and I am very happy with my earnings. The best strategies and accurate analysis."
Vitór S.
Joined on: 04/01/2021

support always there to help…

"Hello everybody! I've been looking for a suitable trading software for a long time, I haven't found a better Bitcoin Method yet. I was very pleased that in case of an emergency, technical support is always ready to help to get the tool back to work as quickly as possible."
Julia S.
Joined on: 05/01/2021

Great if you want to test your own algos

"I am so happy about my new find - Bitcoin Method. This tool will make your life easier, thanks to the independent construction of algorithms. If, for example, you want to add functionality from your previous trading system, you will only need to factor the code and everything is ready."

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What is Bitcoin Method?

Bitcoin Method is a very sophisticated trading software, developed meticulously to provide new and experienced traders with profitable opportunities on the cryptocurrency market. Our software runs on an intuitive algorithm, which employs the help of artificial intelligence to scan the cryptocurrency market, extract all relevant data and make decisions based on their findings. Bitcoin Method always prioritises the user above all and is designed to make sure you are presented with all the opportunities to earn a profit. Our software is fully transparent and very user-friendly. We are quite certain you will have no problem finding your way around our software.

Can Bitcoin Method be Trusted?

Bitcoin Method is a reliable, efficient and user-friendly software. It is also one of the safest tools on the market. Our software is protected by an SSL certificate. This means that all the data you submit on our platform is secured by encryption. Another plus is that we have partnered with reliable brokers, who are regulated and licensed. Their priority is to check that your account is managed with integrity and that there are no irregularities. Bitcoin Method has also added a unique demo feature to its impressive list of additional benefits. On the demo account, you will be able to practice trade. You have all the opportunity to explore our software obligation-free. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable, feel free to opt-out.

Signing Up with Bitcoin Method

Registration is easy with Bitcoin Method. All you need to do is follow the steps we’ve highlighted below:


To register your Bitcoin Method account, you need to complete our mandatory registration form with your basic information. Please complete the form as accurately as possible, this will ensure that the verification process goes smoothly.

Make a deposit

Bitcoin Method does not charge a registration fee like other trading software on the market. However, every new user is required to make a mandatory deposit of Є250. This is just a minimum deposit and is much cheaper than our competitors. We also use this deposit as your initial trading capital. Meaning, it will be used to place your first trades. Bitcoin Method has a variety of payment options available for you.


Bitcoin Method is one of few trading software that allows traders to demo-trade. This is basically a practice round for traders since the demo account is an exact replica of the live trading account. Traders are permitted to place trades based on historical data. You do not need any funds to demo-trade and the feature is absolutely free. We recommend that all traders use the demo-trading account before going live.


Once you’re comfortable with the demo trading account, you will easily find your way around the live account. You can go live once you have configured your settings with the help of our dedicated community managers. They will assist you to configure your settings such as setting a stop-loss limit and deciding when to open and close trades.

How Does Bitcoin Method Work?

Our software is completely automated. It is has been designed using a superior algorithm that is able to scan the cryptocurrency market, assess global news and extract valuable data relating to your trade. Once the data has been assessed the algorithm will identify profitable opportunities for you. The algorithm is lightning fast and can scan through tons of data sets in mere seconds. It is incapable of acting on emotion and therefore eliminates the human error factor. All of the decisions made by the algorithm is completely logical and it has a proven track record. Bitcoin Method is 95% accurate. This means that your chances of succeeding in the cryptocurrency market is very high.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Method?

Entering the cryptocurrency market may be very complex for new users, especially since bitcoin has become one of the most well-known trading assets across the globe. It is becoming more popular as each day passes, partly due to its value and ease of use. With the currency recently reaching $61 000 in value, new investors are flooding into the market in search of profits. This is why it is important that you use a trading tool to help you navigate the cryptocurrency market.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Bitcoin Method


Volatility is described as how much the market moves or how much the value changes. The bigger the moves the more volatile the market. More volatile markets are considered higher risk and more profitable. Traders make money by buying/ selling in the market and profiting off the price changes. Thus, the more the prices move the better it is for the traders. Bitcoin has also been known as one of the most volatile markets and it has become even more so recently as more people are buying and selling the currency. Using a superior algorithm that is fully adaptable to sudden changes on the market means that you will always be one step ahead and don’t have to worry about being caught off-guard.

Market Hours

Most markets are governed in a single country and operate on a time schedule for those time zones. This means for those not in those time zones, you have to adjust your watch. Unlike traditional markets, Bitcoin Markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes it easy to access for traders all around the world. The Bitcoin Method algorithm works 24-hours, you can literally trade while sleeping. The algorithm does all the work for you, however, to be safe, make sure you set your stop-loss limits and decide when to open and close trading sessions.


Liquidity refers to one’s ability to buy or sell a tradable asset. If there are not many people trading an asset or digital currency, it makes it hard and slow to trade and thus illiquid. If there are lots of people buying and selling an asset, it is easy to buy and sell the asset making it liquid. The more liquid a market is, the easier it is to trade and make profits. This is one of the main reasons why the Bitcoin Markets are so popular with profitable traders. The Bitcoin Method software understands liquidity very well and takes all of these factors into account when making decisions that impact your trade.

Can trade long or Short

Sometimes the price goes up and you can make money by buying low and selling high. But sometimes the price goes down. What options do you have? You don’t have to worry about making the wrong decisions. The Bitcoin Method algorithm allows you to go long or short on your trades. For many traditional investments, you don’t have many options.

Key Features of Bitcoin Method

  • Licensed and Regulated Brokers: Bitcoin Method has partnered with licensed and regulated brokers. Brokers help regulate your account and make sure that your funds are not mismanaged. We encourage new investors to always make sure that the trading technology you’re using makes use of brokers. You can check their registration by looking for their license number and comparing it with the relevant regulator.
  • Efficient Payout System: Bitcoin Method has a very efficient payout system. Once a successful trade has been placed, you should see your earnings on your account. Some users have made between $650 and $2,000 per day. New users may not be this lucky at first, but we would encourage you to keep trading. Being able to draw your profits fast makes it easy for you to make a living as a trader.
  • Verification System: The verification system is very simple. Once you register and submit your personal details. You will then be contacted by an account manager who will assist you through the verification process. Only then will you be required to make a deposit. This is for security purposes and to stay in line with regulations.
  • Withdrawals and Deposits: Once you have made your first profit you can withdraw at any given time. You will need to complete a withdrawal request. After this is approved, your funds should reflect in your account within 24hours. Make sure you provide a verified bank account when you register.
  • Demo-trading: We tested the demo trading feature on Bitcoin Method. It’s excellent for new investors looking to gain experience and learn some new skills. It is basically a replica of the live trading account. You can even place demo trades based on historical data and you need no funds to use it. This is a great, risk-free place to practice new strategies.


Is Bitcoin Method Free?

While Bitcoin Method does not have any hidden costs, new users must make a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit acts as your first capital investment and will be used to perform your first trade. You can refund this anytime.

What Fees Can I Expect Using Bitcoin Method?

Bitcoin Method does not charge any trading or commision-based fees. Any currency conversions will carry standard market exchange rates.

Is Bitcoin Method a Scam?

No. Bitcoin Method is completely safe and very transparent. Our user reviews and testimonials above attest to this. If required, Bitcoin Method uses regulated brokers to help optimise your portfolio.

How Do I Get The Most From Bitcoin Method?

While Bitcoin Method software is automated, we do recommend sparing at least 20 minutes a day on your account. This way, you will stay up-to-date with strategies and/or approvals required on your part.